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Methods for Bulk Crawling Amazon Data: The Importance of Amazon Data

This article delves into the importance, challenges, and effective strategies for crawling Amazon data. From using proxy IP pools to simulating real user behavior, and from parallel crawling to resuming from breakpoints, it comprehensively outlines methods for large-scale Amazon data extraction. Additionally, it introduces the advantages of Pangolin Scrape API service as a specialized solution and highlights key technological aspects essential for successful Amazon data crawling.

Scrape API在AI中的重要作用

2023 AI Industry Trends, Scrape API Leading the Wave of AI Basic Data Applications

Recently, Air Street Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in the AI field, released its “2023 AI Status Report,” unveiling the latest dynamics and future trends in the AI industry. In this innovative and transformative landscape, the application scope of AI technology is expanding rapidly. Pangolin Scrape API, as a pivotal AI basic data tool, plays a crucial role in this era of change.
In this ever-changing era of AI, Scrape API, with its robust data collection and application capabilities, stands as a key engine driving AI innovation. With the arrival of 2024, we anticipate Scrape API continuing to unlock its potential in the field of artificial intelligence, facilitating breakthroughs and success in the industry. Whether in e-commerce, media, or the technology sector, Scrape API will remain an indispensable tool for AI practitioners.

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