Top Amazon Data Insights Provider

Providing data support for advertising insights services to Amazon sellers

Collecting a large amount of ad placement data from the Amazon website, including ad placement position, ad content, and ad pricing, in order to provide sellers with optimal ad placement strategies and performance evaluation.

Support for data collection by postal region is available.

The Scrape API product supports data collection for over 100 postal regions. By specifying postal regions, the collected results closely align with those obtained through precise IP targeting.

The calling method is consistent with Crawlbase.

Our Scrape API product's calling method is completely consistent with Crawlbase. You can switch to our Scrape API product at no additional cost, without the need to modify any code or configuration.

The ad placement collection rate is above 98%.

The Scrape API can collect all ad placement data from the Amazon website, with a collection rate of over 98%. It also allows for customized data formats and content, making it easier to analyze and utilize the collected data effectively.

Support for high concurrency data collection is available.

Scrape API is built on cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies, enabling high-concurrency data collection. It also provides the flexibility to control the progress of data collection according to specific requirements.

Project Background

Translation: A “top-tier Amazon data insights provider” is a company that offers advertising insights services to Amazon sellers. Advertising costs can account for up to 30% of total expenses for Amazon sellers. The user needs to collect a large amount of ad placement data from the Amazon website, including ad position, ad content, and ad pricing. This data is crucial for providing optimal advertising strategies and evaluating their effectiveness for sellers. However, this type of data is currently the most challenging and demanding to collect in terms of precision.

The user initially used Crawlbase, a third-party data collection service. However, the efficiency and quality of data collection provided by Crawlbase did not meet the user’s requirements. Issues such as low collection rates, inaccurate data, unstable interfaces, and high costs persisted. The user urgently needs to find a better data collection solution to improve their service quality and competitiveness.


  • To address the data collection challenges faced by the user, we recommend using our Scrape API as a better solution. Built on cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, Scrape API supports high-concurrency data collection, meeting the user’s needs for large-scale and high-precision ad placement data collection.
  • With the Scrape API, users can easily collect ad placement data from the Amazon website, including ad position, ad content, and ad pricing. The Scrape API offers a collection rate of over 98% and allows for customization of data formats and content to meet specific requirements.
  • Furthermore, using the Scrape API allows for a seamless and cost-effective switch without the need to modify any code or configuration. Compared to the user’s previous use of Crawlbase, the Scrape API provides higher collection efficiency, more accurate data, a more stable interface, and is more cost-effective.
  • Based on customer demand, we have developed a feature that can scrape Amazon Sponsored ad placements, with a collection rate of over 98%.
  • By adopting the Scrape API as a data collection solution, users can enhance service quality and competitiveness, providing Amazon sellers with superior ad placement strategies and performance evaluation.

Objectives & Results

By using our Scrape API product, the user achieved the following objectives:


Improved data collection efficiency

The user successfully increased the efficiency of collecting ad placement data by adopting our Scrape API. The high-concurrency capabilities of the API ensured faster and more efficient data collection from the Amazon website.


Enhanced data accuracy

The advanced technologies and algorithms of Scrape API contributed to higher data accuracy. The user could rely on the collected data to make informed decisions regarding ad placement strategies and performance evaluation.



By switching to Scrape API, the user benefited from a more cost-effective solution compared to their previous data collection service. The API offered competitive pricing while delivering higher collection efficiency, accuracy, and stability.


Increased flexibility and control

Scrape API provided the user with the ability to customize data collection parameters, including collection frequency and progress control, according to their specific needs. This granted them greater flexibility and control over the process.

Overall, by adopting our Scrape API as the data collection solution, the user achieved the objectives of improving efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, thereby enhancing their service quality and competitiveness in providing superior ad placement strategies and performance evaluation for Amazon sellers.

Amazon Scrape API

By leveraging our industry-leading Scrape API, you can reduce costs and enjoy a high success rate.

Extract Amazon data without getting blocked

Effortlessly collect Amazon data. Just choose a starting URL, configure crawling and filtering options, specify scraping parameters, and receive the results directly to your preferred cloud storage container.

Quickly scrape Amazon:

Unlock structured data using a tailor-made parser.

Thanks to advanced technology, our custom-built parser can adapt to almost any e-commerce product page, regardless of the structure of the HTML code used. Regardless of how the page structure may change, our machine learning-based capabilities will automatically detect product data such as titles, discounts, prices, availability, and descriptions.

Output examples

Pangolin Scrape API Bypassing Captcha

Effortlessly overcome CAPTCHAs and restrictions.

Our hosted solution offers unparalleled control and flexibility, eliminating the need for maintaining proxy and unblocking infrastructure. Seamlessly extract data from any geographical location while bypassing CAPTCHAs and restrictions.

Effortlessly obtain various types of data from Amazon.

Easily deploy and use

Get started smoothly with our developer documentation. Click here to read.

Simple and direct

End-to-end comprehensive solution, providing target data directly according to requirements.

Bulk scraping

A monthly processing capacity of billions of pages, with super-large concurrent real-time collection to deliver the required data.

Multiple delivery options

Retrieve results via an API or to your cloud storage bucket (AWS S3 or GCS.

Automated jobs

Efficiently schedule repetitive data collection and parsing tasks through our intelligent scheduler.

Supports scraping by postal code.

Retrieve accurate data by scraping corresponding postal code areas.

Scrape Amazon Use Cases:

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Scrape API


Search engines regularly change their structure and algorithms making data scraping difficult. Scrape API automatically adjusts to changing Scrapings and provides real user’s results with a variety of tailored search parameters. Results will shift depending on your search history, device, and location but with Scraping API you will never get blocked because of location. Data is delivered with accuracy and speed in JSON or HTML output.

Pangolin Scrape API provides real user’s results in high volumes for all the major search engines. It enables a wide variety of tailored search parameters, and your search results data will be delivered in JSON or HTML output. Focus on extracting the data you need without worrying about getting blocked, and with the most accuracy and speed. 

Gather Scraping data as a real user in any location, while saving money on data extraction engineers and IT professionals without worrying about server maintenance. Scrape API is easily integrated into all 3rd party crawler software. Pangolin can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods.

Organic keyword tracking, brand protection, price comparison, market research, detect copyright infringements, ad intelligence.

Get real user search results from all major search engines using different search parameters, in real-time and with the highest success rates, regardless of your requests volume. Only pay for successful requests and enjoy response time under 5 sec. Use different location parameters to automatically target a suitable peer to get a better understanding on how different location and time change the search results. Use different devices and search types for a more accurate search.

Automated Data Retrieval: Scrape API allows for automated data retrieval from various websites, eliminating the need for manual scraping. This saves time and resources while ensuring accurate and up-to-date data.
Real-Time Results: With Scrape API, you can access real-time search results and other website data as they are updated. This enables you to stay informed about the latest information in a timely manner.
Customizable Parameters: The API offers customizable parameters that allow you to tailor your scraping queries according to specific criteria such as location, language, time range, etc. This flexibility ensures that you retrieve relevant and targeted data.
Avoid IP Blocking: Scrape API handles IP rotation using proxy servers, helping you avoid getting blocked by websites due to excessive requests from a single IP address. This ensures uninterrupted access to the desired data.
Cost and Resource Saving: By leveraging Scraping API, you can save costs on hiring dedicated extraction engineers or IT professionals for web scraping tasks. The automation provided by the API reduces manual effort and increases efficiency.
Wide Range of Use Cases: Scrape API has numerous applications across industries such as market research, competitive analysis, lead generation, content aggregation, SEO monitoring, and more. It provides versatility in extracting valuable insights from web data.
Overall, the benefits of using Scrape API include automated data retrieval with real-time results, customizability of parameters for tailored queries, avoidance of IP blocking issues, cost savings, and diverse use cases across industries.

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