We turn public data into fuel for AI

Using Scrape API to collect public data from the whole web to provide a source of power for artificial intelligence.

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Easily scrape any website with JS rendering, geotargeting, and specified postal zones.

Our services cover the complete data lifecycle from data collection, storage, management, analysis, to visualization.

Never Get Blocked

With built-in anti-bot detection and bypass mechanisms in the API, you can be confident that your requests won’t be blocked.

View any location globally, mirroring real user experiences. Enhanced e-commerce data accuracy with postal zone-based collection!

A monthly processing capacity of billions of pages, with super-large concurrent real-time collection to deliver the required data.

Scrape API - Efficiently collect large-scale internet data

Scrape data anonymously, bypassing restrictions, blocks, and captchas effortlessly.

Obtain data for SEO or data mining projects without the hassle of managing global proxies or infrastructure. Scrape various websites such as Amazon, Yandex, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more. Our platform supports scraping from all websites.

Lesser retries from client-side

You won’t need to bother with call retries and managing queues anymore. Just keep pushing your requests, and our system will logically manage everything in the background allowing your web crawler to achieve maximum efficiency.

Data to your server

Use your webhook endpoint to receive the scraped data from your crawler. Our system will even monitor your webhook URL to ensure that you will always get accurate data as consistently as possible.

More successful responses

Stop worrying about failed responses and start focusing on business growth through data. Pangolin Scraper uses an intelligent push/pull system that will let you close to a 100% success rate for even the most difficult websites to crawl.

Asynchronous Scrape API

Pangolin Scraper uses the Scrape API as its foundation to avoid the most common issues of web scraping, such as IP blocks, bot detection, and CAPTCHAs. All the API’s features are retained to allow on-demand customization and meet your data collection needs.

Scrape API Pricing

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