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Efficiently crawl data for developers

Crawl massive data while we handle data pipelines, proxies, queues, and JavaScript browsers for you.

Pangolin Scrape API Data Scraping Tool

Efficiently collect large-scale internet data

Scrape data anonymously, bypassing restrictions, blocks, and captchas effortlessly.

Obtain data for SEO or data mining projects without the hassle of managing global proxies or infrastructure. Scrape various websites such as Amazon, Yandex, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more. Our platform supports scraping from all websites.

Lesser retries from client-side

You won’t need to bother with call retries and managing queues anymore. Just keep pushing your requests, and our system will logically manage everything in the background allowing your web crawler to achieve maximum efficiency.

Data to your server

Use your webhook endpoint to receive the scraped data from your crawler. Our system will even monitor your webhook URL to ensure that you will always get accurate data as consistently as possible.

More successful responses

Stop worrying about failed responses and start focusing on business growth through data. Crawlbase Crawler uses an intelligent push/pull system that will let you close to a 100% success rate for even the most difficult websites to crawl.

Asynchronous Scrape API

Pangolin Scraper uses the Scrape API as its foundation to avoid the most common issues of web scraping, such as IP blocks, bot detection, and CAPTCHAs. All the API’s features are retained to allow on-demand customization and meet your data collection needs.

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Why developers love Scrape API

The immediate advantages of Scrape API

Advantages of Pangolin Scrape API Data Scraping Tool
Instructions for Using Pangolin Scrape API Data Scraping Tool

Built on top of the Scrape API

Switch your traffic to use our PUSH/PULL system now so you can maximize your crawling capacity without losing any functionality.

Effortlessly overcome CAPTCHAs and restrictions.

Our hosted solution offers unparalleled control and flexibility, eliminating the need for maintaining proxy and unblocking infrastructure. Seamlessly extract data from any geographical location while bypassing CAPTCHAs and restrictions.

Pangolin Scrape API Bypassing Captcha

Never get blocked again

Scrape API automatically develops new methods to keep websites.

open to data collection at all times.

Limits requests per IP

Manage IP usage rates so you don’t ask for a suspicious amount of data from any one IP.

Emulates a real user

Automated user emulation including: starting on the target’s homepage, clicking their links, & making human mouse movements.

Imitates the right devices

Scraping emulates the right devices that servers expect to see.

Calibrates referrer header

Makes sure the target website sees that you are landing on their page from a popular website.

Identifies honeypots

Honeypots are links that sites use to expose your crawlers. Automatically detect them and avoid their trap.

Sets intervals between requests

Automated delays are randomly set between requests.

Your all-in-one Scrape API for any type of structured Scraping data

No matter what kind of structured data you need to collect from web pages, APIs, or other sources, our API can meet your requirements. It offers powerful and flexible functionality that allows you to customize and control the data collection process and retrieve the desired data in a reliable and efficient manner. Whether it’s scraping product information, news articles, social media content, or any other type of structured data, our Scraping API can help you easily accomplish the task and support various output formats and target storage methods.


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Scrape API


Search engines regularly change their structure and algorithms making data scraping difficult. Scrape API automatically adjusts to changing Scrapings and provides real user’s results with a variety of tailored search parameters. Results will shift depending on your search history, device, and location but with Scrape API you will never get blocked because of location. Data is delivered with accuracy and speed in JSON or HTML output.

Pangolin Scrape API provides real user’s results in high volumes for all the major search engines. It enables a wide variety of tailored search parameters, and your search results data will be delivered in JSON or HTML output. Focus on extracting the data you need without worrying about getting blocked, and with the most accuracy and speed. 

Gather Scrape data as a real user in any location, while saving money on data extraction engineers and IT professionals without worrying about server maintenance. Scraping API is easily integrated into all 3rd party crawler software. Pangolin can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods.

Organic keyword tracking, brand protection, price comparison, market research, detect copyright infringements, ad intelligence.

Get real user search results from all major search engines using different search parameters, in real-time and with the highest success rates, regardless of your requests volume. Only pay for successful requests and enjoy response time under 5 sec. Use different location parameters to automatically target a suitable peer to get a better understanding on how different location and time change the search results. Use different devices and search types for a more accurate search.

Automated Data Retrieval: Scrape API allows for automated data retrieval from various websites, eliminating the need for manual scraping. This saves time and resources while ensuring accurate and up-to-date data.
Real-Time Results: With Scrape API, you can access real-time search results and other website data as they are updated. This enables you to stay informed about the latest information in a timely manner.
Customizable Parameters: The API offers customizable parameters that allow you to tailor your scraping queries according to specific criteria such as location, language, time range, etc. This flexibility ensures that you retrieve relevant and targeted data.
Avoid IP Blocking: Scrape API handles IP rotation using proxy servers, helping you avoid getting blocked by websites due to excessive requests from a single IP address. This ensures uninterrupted access to the desired data.
Cost and Resource Saving: By leveraging Scraping API, you can save costs on hiring dedicated extraction engineers or IT professionals for web scraping tasks. The automation provided by the API reduces manual effort and increases efficiency.
Wide Range of Use Cases: Scrape API has numerous applications across industries such as market research, competitive analysis, lead generation, content aggregation, SEO monitoring, and more. It provides versatility in extracting valuable insights from web data.
Overall, the benefits of using Scrape API include automated data retrieval with real-time results, customizability of parameters for tailored queries, avoidance of IP blocking issues, cost savings, and diverse use cases across industries.

Automate your website unlocking and save time and resources

Free testing, no need to write code, Supporting all kinds of crawling projects.

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