The best method for bulk collecting Amazon product data?


If you’re looking to collect Amazon product data in large quantities, I recommend using the Pangolin Scrape API. The Pangolin Scrape API is a professional Amazon data collection service that can help you quickly, easily, and efficiently gather Amazon data without the need for complex web scraping code. Just send a simple request, and you can asynchronously receive the collected data. The Pangolin Scrape API has several advantages:

  1. Region-specific Collection: You can specify the Amazon market and region you want to collect data from. The Pangolin Scrape API automatically adjusts IP addresses and request headers to avoid detection and blocking by Amazon.
  2. Pay for Successful Requests: You only need to pay for requests that successfully return data, eliminating concerns about wasted costs due to Amazon’s anti-scraping measures or other reasons for failed requests.
  3. End-to-End Solution: You don’t have to write code or use third-party tools. Just provide the product category, keywords, ASIN, or URL you want to collect, and the Pangolin Scrape API will provide target data, including product name, price, rating, reviews, images, descriptions, specifications, sales rank, and more.
  4. No Management of Tedious Tasks: You don’t need to manage various tasks from network and computation to application. The Pangolin Scrape API handles all the details, including proxy IP, request frequency, data parsing, storage, export, etc. You can focus on your business logic and data analysis.

The Pangolin Scrape API is a straightforward, efficient, and reliable Amazon data collection service. Simply submit the target URL you want to collect, and you can easily gather data from various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. It is a reliable data collection tool for cross-border e-commerce sellers and data analysis tool companies. Whether for market research, competitive analysis, price monitoring, or other purposes, it is your best choice. Visit their website for more details and to try out their free plan. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

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