The Data Scraping Tool for Amazon Data Service Providers – Pangolin Scrape API, Scraping Amazon Site Data in One Click

亚马逊数据服务商的数据采集利器——Pangolin Scrape API,一键采集亚马逊站点数据


Amazon‘s Data Treasure Trove Amazon, as the world’s largest e-commerce platform, generates massive amounts of data every day. These data, including product prices, sales, ratings, reviews, rankings, ad placements, inventory, postal zones, and more, are valuable resources reflecting the dynamics of the Amazon marketplace and user behavior. For Amazon data service providers, these data can help them provide better services and solutions to clients, such as market analysis, product optimization, advertising, and review management.


The Difficulty of Amazon Data Scraping However, obtaining these data from Amazon sites is not easy. Amazon has strict data protection measures in place, employing various anti-scraping strategies such as CAPTCHA, IP restrictions, and request rate limits, which hinder data service providers’ scraping activities. Additionally, Amazon’s data is vast and complex, involving multiple countries and regions, categories and brands, dimensions, and metrics, requiring a significant amount of time and resources to process and analyze. Furthermore, Amazon’s data is highly dynamic and real-time, constantly changing and requiring timely updates and scraping to ensure data timeliness and accuracy.

Therefore, Amazon data service providers face a significant challenge: how to efficiently, stably, and accurately scrape all data from Amazon sites to meet their own and their clients’ needs. To address this issue, we will introduce you to a professional Amazon data scraping tool – Pangolin Scrape API.


Pangolin Scrape API Pangolin Scrape API is a professional Amazon data scraping tool that can help you scrape all data from Amazon sites in one click, without worrying about anti-scraping measures, data volume, data quality, and other issues. Next, we will detail Pangolin Scrape API’s core advantages and its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its value and significance to Amazon data service providers.

Core Advantages:

Pangolin Scrape API’s core advantages include:

Real-time scraping:

All data is scraped from the current real-time data of Amazon sites, ensuring data timeliness and accuracy. Pangolin Scrape API utilizes a high-speed distributed web scraping system that can scrape large amounts of data in a short time and parse and update it in real-time, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest Amazon data, without missing any changes or opportunities.

High-precision postal zone scraping:

Supports scraping of specified postal zones to achieve refined operations in different target markets. Pangolin Scrape API allows you to select different postal zones for data scraping according to your needs, such as different states in the US, different cities in the UK, different regions in Germany, etc., enabling you to obtain more accurate data and better understand market conditions and user needs in different regions, providing more targeted services and solutions to your clients.

Real-time monitoring of keyword rankings:

Real-time monitoring of changes in product keyword rankings enables timely response to market strategies. Pangolin Scrape API can help you monitor the keyword rankings of your or your clients’ products on Amazon in real-time, as well as related data such as search volume, click-through rate, conversion rate, competitiveness, etc., allowing you to understand product performance and optimization opportunities in a timely manner, providing more effective market strategies and marketing solutions to your clients.

Ease of Use:

Using Pangolin Scrape API Pangolin Scrape API not only has powerful data scraping capabilities but also features simplicity and ease of use, making your data scraping more convenient and efficient. Pangolin Scrape API’s ease of use is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Easy deployment and usage:

Pangolin Scrape API provides comprehensive developer documentation to help you quickly get started and use it. You only need to register an account to create and manage your data scraping tasks via API or web interface, without installing any software or plugins. You can find detailed usage instructions and examples in the documentation, as well as common issues and solutions. If you encounter any problems or difficulties, you can also contact our technical support team anytime, and we will provide you with assistance and service.

Simple and direct:

Pangolin Scrape API is an end-to-end comprehensive solution that can directly provide target data according to your needs, without additional processing or conversion. You only need to tell us the Amazon site, category, brand, keywords, postal zones, etc., you want to scrape, and we will scrape and parse the corresponding data for you, returning it to you in JSON or CSV format, allowing you to use or analyze it directly. You don’t need to worry about data format, structure, encoding, etc., or write complex web scraping code or parsing rules yourself, as we have done everything for you.

Batch scraping:

Pangolin Scrape API has powerful performance capable of handling billions of pages per month, supporting large-scale data scraping to meet your data needs. You can create multiple data scraping tasks at once or bulk import your task list, and we will allocate sufficient resources and bandwidth for your tasks to be completed in the shortest time possible. You can also view the status and progress of your tasks and download the results at any time, giving you more control and management over your data scraping.

Multiple delivery options:

Pangolin Scrape API supports obtaining your data scraping results through API or cloud storage (AWS S3 or GCS), allowing you to choose the delivery method that best suits your preferences and needs. If you choose to get the results via API, you can retrieve your data in real-time through the API interface we provide or set up a callback URL to receive your data. If you choose to get the results via cloud storage, you can bind your cloud storage account and bucket with our system, and we will automatically upload your data to your cloud storage, making it convenient for you to store and manage your data.

Pangolin Scrape API supports efficient scheduling of your repetitive data scraping and parsing tasks through an intelligent scheduler, saving you time and effort. You can set parameters such as execution frequency, time, and number of times for your tasks, and we will automatically execute your tasks according to your settings and deliver the results to you in a timely manner. You can also modify or cancel your tasks at any time, making your data scraping more flexible and free.


The Value of Pangolin Scrape API In summary, Pangolin Scrape API is a professional Amazon data scraping tool that can help you scrape all data from Amazon sites in one click, without worrying about anti-scraping measures, data volume, data quality, and other issues. Pangolin Scrape API has powerful data scraping capabilities, enabling real-time, high-precision, and comprehensive scraping of Amazon data, allowing you to stay informed of Amazon’s market dynamics and user behavior.

Pangolin Scrape API also features simplicity and ease of use, allowing you to easily, quickly, and flexibly create and manage your data scraping tasks, making your data scraping simpler and more efficient. Whether you are an Amazon data service provider, an Amazon seller, or just a researcher interested in Amazon data, Pangolin Scrape API can provide you with powerful support and help, making your work and research smoother and more successful.

In the days to come, we will continue to optimize and improve Pangolin Scrape API, providing you with more features and services to make your data scraping more powerful and intelligent. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions, so let’s work together to create a better future.

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