How to Use Pangolin Scrape API for Amazon Product Data Scraping? A Comprehensive Guide!

亚马逊商品数据采集Amazon Product Data Scraping

1. Introduction to Pangolin Scrape API

Pangolin Scrape API is a robust web scraping tool designed for data scientists, researchers, and developers. It provides access to web data through simple HTTP requests, delivering structured information in a user-friendly manner. Widely used in data mining, market research, and competitive intelligence, this API offers powerful customization options.

2. Key Features

Pangolin Scrape API boasts the following remarkable features:

2.1 Powerful Customization

Supporting highly customizable data extraction, users can choose specific fields and information according to their needs, ensuring precise and targeted data retrieval.

2.2 Automation and Real-Time Updates

The API supports automated data scraping and provides real-time updates, ensuring the information obtained is always up-to-date – crucial for users monitoring changes on specific websites.

2.3 Developer-Friendly Documentation

With clear and understandable developer documentation, Pangolin Scrape API lowers the entry barrier, enabling even users without advanced programming experience to use it seamlessly.

3. How to Use Pangolin Scrape API for Amazon Product Data Scraping?

Now, let’s delve into how to use Pangolin Scrape API to scrape Amazon product data. Before proceeding, make sure you have registered and obtained your Pangolin Scrape API access key.

3.1 Get the API Key

Firstly, log in to the Pangolin official website, register an account, and navigate to the API management page to generate a new API key. This key will be your passport to access Pangolin Scrape API.

3.2 Build API Request

Using your preferred programming language, construct an HTTP request to call Pangolin Scrape API. Include your API key and the URL of the target Amazon product page in the request.

import requests

url = ""
api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"

payload = {
    "url": "",
    "key": api_key

response = requests.get(url, params=payload)
data = response.json()

3.3 Parse Response Data

Pangolin Scrape API returns data in JSON format. Depending on your needs, parse the JSON data to extract the required information.

product_name = data['product']['name']
price = data['product']['price']
reviews = data['product']['reviews']
# Further process the data...

4. Practical Operation: Scraping Amazon Product Data

To demonstrate the use of Pangolin Scrape API more concretely, let’s take an example of a mobile phone on Amazon. We will extract the product name, price, and review count.

4.1 Define API Request Parameters

url = ""
api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"

amazon_product_url = ""  # Replace with the actual product URL

payload = {
    "url": amazon_product_url,
    "key": api_key

4.2 Send API Request

response = requests.get(url, params=payload)
data = response.json()

4.3 Parse and Output Results

product_name = data[‘product’][‘name’]
price = data[‘product’][‘price’]
reviews = data[‘product’][‘reviews’]

print(f”Product Name: {product_name}”)
print(f”Price: {price}”)
print(f”Reviews: {reviews}”)

By following these steps, you can successfully use Pangolin Scrape API for Amazon product data scraping.


Pangolin Scrape API provides a convenient and efficient way to obtain Amazon product data. Its robust customization and user-friendly documentation make it accessible even for those without advanced programming experience. With this guide and practical example, you should now have the knowledge to use Pangolin Scrape API for Amazon product data scraping effectively.

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