How to use Pangolin’s residential IP proxy network to achieve efficient and stable data collection?


Web data extraction, also known as web scraping, is the process of extracting data from target websites using crawler programs. It is an important method in the big data era. Whether it is for business competitive analysis, market research, product development, public opinion monitoring, or cross-border e-commerce, social media, content marketing and other fields, a large amount of web data is needed to support decision-making and innovation.

However, web data extraction is not an easy task. Many websites use various anti-scraping measures to prevent crawler programs from extracting data, such as limiting access frequency, detecting request headers, verifying captchas, banning IPs, etc. These anti-scraping measures can cause a lot of difficulties and risks for crawler programs, resulting in low efficiency, unstable quality and increased cost of data extraction.

So, is there a way to effectively bypass these anti-scraping measures and make web data extraction more efficient, stable and fast? The answer is: using an IP proxy pool.

What is an IP proxy pool?

An IP proxy pool, as the name suggests, is a collection of IP addresses that can be used by crawler programs. Through an IP proxy pool, crawler programs can randomly or according to certain rules change their own IP addresses, thereby avoiding being identified and banned by target websites.

The benefits of an IP proxy pool are as follows:

  • Improve data extraction efficiency: Through an IP proxy pool, crawler programs can send requests from multiple different IP addresses at the same time, increasing concurrency and speed.
  • Reduce data extraction risk: Through an IP proxy pool, crawler programs can replace banned or invalid IP addresses at any time, ensuring the continuity and stability of data extraction.
  • Reduce data extraction cost: Through an IP proxy pool, crawler programs can flexibly choose the appropriate type and number of IP addresses according to the anti-scraping strategy of the target website and their own needs, saving resources and fees.

Pangolin Residential IP Proxy Network

So, among the many IP proxy pool service providers, is there one that can provide the best quality, most professional and most comprehensive IP proxy service? The answer is: Pangolin.

Pangolin is a web data extraction company headquartered in Singapore. Its main business covers the entire web data extraction chain, including: infrastructure proxy IP network, residential IP proxy network, low-code data extraction tool, large foreign web data sets, cross-border e-commerce data intelligence insights and other services.

Among them, Pangolin’s most proud business is the global data extraction infrastructure – residential IP proxy network. Pangolin has more than 10 million residential IP addresses provided by real users worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions. These residential IP addresses come from ordinary users’ home broadband, mobile hotspots and other devices, with the following advantages:

  • High anonymity: Residential IP addresses are indistinguishable from normal user access behavior and are not easy to be identified and banned by target websites.
  • High stability: Residential IP addresses will not be interrupted or delayed due to machine room failures, network congestion and other reasons.
  • High coverage: Residential IP addresses can cover all countries and regions in the world, meeting different data extraction needs.
  • High cost-effectiveness: The price of residential IP addresses is more reasonable and transparent than machine room proxies, without any hidden fees.

How to use Pangolin Residential IP Proxy Network?

Using Pangolin Residential IP Proxy Network is very simple and convenient. You only need the following steps:

  • Fill out the form on the Pangolin website, and Pangolin’s professional sales staff will meet your needs, choose the appropriate package, test and select the plan.
  • Log in to the Pangolin management platform to obtain the API interface or other deployment methods of the residential IP proxy network.
  • Set up the parameters of the IP address according to your own data extraction needs, such as country, region, city, operator, switch frequency etc.
  • Integrate the API interface or client software into your own crawler program and start enjoying efficient, stable and fast data extraction service.

Pangolin Residential IP Proxy Network Application Cases

Pangolin Residential IP Proxy Network has been widely used in various industries and fields to help customers achieve various data extraction goals. Here are some typical application cases:

  • Cross-border e-commerce: Pangolin helped a cross-border e-commerce company extract millions of product information, review information, sales ranking and other data from platforms such as Amazon and eBay, providing strong support for its product selection, pricing, marketing and other strategies.
  • Social media: Pangolin helped a social media company extract tens of millions of user information, dynamic information, topic information and other data from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, providing strong support for its user profiling, content recommendation, public opinion analysis and other functions.
  • Content marketing: Pangolin helped a content marketing company extract tens of thousands of video information, watching information, likes information and other data from platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, providing strong support for its video production, distribution, optimization and other strategies.


Web data extraction is an important method in the big data era, but also faces many difficulties and challenges. Using an IP proxy pool is an effective way to bypass anti-scraping measures, improve data extraction efficiency, reduce data extraction risk and cost. Pangolin is a professional web data extraction company, providing the best quality, most professional and most comprehensive residential IP proxy network service in the world, making web data extraction more efficient, stable and fast. If you have any needs or questions about web data extraction, please contact Pangolin, we will provide you with the most satisfactory solution.

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